Twisted Fringe Bindoff


Step 1: Pull the next stitch off the needle. 

Step 2: Elongate the stitch loop by pulling at the working yarn to about 2.5 times the length of the desired fringe. (For example, I elongated the loop to about 8 inches and each of my fringes were about 3.2 inches long.) 

Step 3: Twist the elongated loop until it has twists along the whole length. Try to maintain a consistent number and direction of the twists for every fringe. (For example, I made each one of the fringes by twisting 30 times, clockwise.) 

Step 4: Bring the twisted loop back onto the and knit it together with the next st on the needle.

Step 5: Slip the resulting stitch back onto LN and knit it together with the next st on the needle. 

Rep from Step 1 until all sts are bound off.


I have used this bindoff in my Reed Shawl Pattern.